Meet the Keto Family
Kim's Story

Improved Health Outcomes
4-MonthPost Ketogenic Lifestyle

Demographics and Vitals​

- September, 22 1969 - 47yrs
- Professional Writer (FT)

  & Professinal Singer (PT)
- Married 06/07/2013

- 0
- 2 kitties
- 330lbs (2003)

- 5'8"
- April 24, 2017
- 310lbs (2017)

- Levemir shot (80 units 1x day)
- Novolog shot (50 units 3x/day)
- Glimepiride (4mg 1x/day)
- Lisinopril (5mg 1x/day)
- Sertraline (100MG 1x/day)

- Diabetes (diagnosed 2002-2017)
- Diabetic neuropathy (2010-present)
- Diabetic foot ulcer (2016-2017)
- Protein loss in urine (2016)
- Acid reflux (2003-2017)
- Severe gastric issues (1975-2017)
- Haglund's disorder (1998-present)
- Bipolar 2 (1997-2017)
- Clinical depression (1983-2017)
- Sleep apnea (2002-2017)
​- Gastric bypass (2003-present)
- High cholesterol


Marital Status
Highest Weight
Ketogenic Start Date
Ketogenic Starting Weight
Chronic-Condition Medications

​​Comorbidities/Physical Issues

- 250lbs (a/o 09/05/2017)

- From 12+% to 7.3%​

- From 237mg/dL to 172mg/dL
- From 300mg/dL to 278mg/dL
- Fully healed
- Completely gone
- Fully healed
- Completely gone
- Completely gone
- Completely gone
Current Weight
Chronic-Condition Medications
Diabetes/Blood Sugar: - Glycohemoglobin (3mo/a1c)
Diabetic Foot Ulcer
Acid Reflux
Gastric/Stomach Issues
Bipolar Issues
Chronic Depression
Sleep Apnea

At only 47 years old, I began mentally preparing myself for death.

Throughout my life, I tried everything—Weight Watchers when I was only 9 years old and weighed 90lbs, NutriSystem when I was 13, starving myself at 14, the Optifast liquid diet (after seeing Oprah pull a wagon full of fat in front of her television audience to showcase her success) in my early 20s when I weighed around 240lbs, and ultimately gastric bypass surgery at 330lbs when I received my full-blown diabetes diagnosis at 32 (which of course never really gave me the results I’d hoped for—AND I gained most of my weight back).

After my gastric bypass when I was back up around 280lbs, I decided to give weight-loss one last try in my late 30s—lots of “healthy” whole grains and fresh fruits was my plan, along with eating low-to-no-fat dairy, only lean cuts of meat, and of course, only the plant-based unsaturated fats recommended by the American Heart Association (AHA) and FDA guidelines. Not only that—I exercised like a fiend! I religiously got my heart rate up through plenty of daily cardio workouts, did yoga and Pilates four days each week and strength and resistance training at least three days each week. As a “fat” person, I’m lazy and don’t have any willpower—right? That’s why I’m fat, of course…or at least that’s what I’d been conditioned to believe, just as most fat people have. Clearly, I was proving to any naysayers that I wasn’t lazy and I did have willpower and determination—I worked like a dog to get healthy! And it worked—for a time. But I was hungry…and little did I know, I was still unhealthy. Needless to say (after having some health issues that derailed my workouts and ability to cook for myself), I gained the weight back.

I’d been divorced for 16 years before I remarried at 43—at around 280lbs, when I realized that I had to start thinking about how my poor health would affect my new husband. He loved me for me, and my weight didn’t matter to him, except that he constantly feared for my life. He never nagged me to lose weight, but he helplessly watched me kill myself via my love-affair with bread…and cakes and milk and cream cheese. It’s literally pretty much all I ate. I was addicted to carbs and I knew it, but I also knew that nothing I’d ever tried before had worked—including “healthy eating”—so why bother?

Needless to say, eventually my blood sugar numbers were beyond out of control (my a1c was 13) and I began to lose protein in my kidneys—the beginning signs of kidney disease/failure. The peripheral neuropathy was next for me, and I lost feeling in both of my feet from the arches to the tips of my toes. Naturally, sleeping was my favorite activity since tiredness is a consequence of high blood sugar, and exercising or other physical activity? Almost impossible with my health situation. Things came to a head in 2016, however, when I had my first diabetic foot ulcer that infected my big toe down to the tendon—it wouldn’t heal. Everyone was sure I was going to lose my first body function because of my diabetes. What’s a person to do in a situation like this? Why, take more insulin, of course!

I began taking four shots of insulin every day (150 NovoLog units and 80 Levemir units, plus daily two Glimpiride tablets, along with Lisinopril to help protect my kidneys from blood sugar damage). I stopped eating bread completely thinking that would help—and it did a little…very little. My toe ulcer still wouldn’t heal though, AND I began gaining weight…FAST! Within just a few months, I was up to 310lbs quickly on my way to regaining all the weight I had lost since before I had my gastric bypass surgery 14 years prior. I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I had a heart attack or a stroke and left my husband a widower—and I knew I needed to make sure he’d have everything he needed to survive comfortably after I was dead. My life insurance policy was in place, which would give him a nice payout (I told him to spend as little as possible on my funeral/burial—I didn’t care if he put me in a cardboard box!), I created a financial matrix for him so he’d know where to find all our important documents, passwords, information, etc. when I was no longer around, and simply tried to do whatever I could to make his transition to single-life as painless as possible.

…then I began to pay attention to the Ketogenic lifestyle my sister was following—and succeeding on—since October, 2016. By April 24, 2017, I climbed on board the Keto-train and haven’t looked back on this miraculous adventure!

Thanks for coming along with me on my Keto odyssey…and away we go!