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The Keto Family's 
First Fully-Keto Picnic!
Independence Day, 2017

Thanks for visiting The Keto Family Life website! We’re genuinely happy to have you here! We’re an extended family who’s following the Ketogenic way of life (KWOL)/way of eating (KWOE) and want to share our collective and individual ‘odysseys’ with anyone interested in becoming healthy via the way we were designed to be healthy!

Quick Keto Family introduction (including an org chart! 😊 ): we’re three families—the Wamsley family (Ron and Jane [Sinneway]), the Ridgeway family (Brett and Kim [Wamsley]), and the Palavros family (Chuck, Chris [Wamsley], Nicolas, and Noah)—all at different stages working toward the same goal: a healthy life!


The reason I decided to create this website is because I realized my family encompasses a variety of demographics to which pretty much anyone else can relate. With this being the case, if you want to get healthy by following the KWOL, but might be concerned you can’t do it for whatever reason (e.g., “I’m too old”, “I’m diabetic”, “I’ve had gastric bypass surgery”, “I’m not able to exercise”, etc.), there’s someone in my family who most likely has faced or dealt with whatever you’re going through, and can share with you how he or she managed to ‘get through it.’ Within The Keto Family Life website, you’ll find our individual biographies/profiles (demographics, health issues/vital stats, goals, diaries, etc.), along with the hints and tips for success we’ve discovered along the way (which vary from person to person—everyone has a unique path toward health on the Ketogenic odyssey—what works for one might not work the same for another!), plus our favorite recipes, places to find some great ingredients, shopping tips (including how to “Keto” on a budget!), among many other things as the site expands.

I developed this site with the desire that you’ll find inspiration, information, encouragement, and yes, HOPE from at least one of The Keto Family member’s progress on their road to health. Thanks for joining us!

Best regards...